Love me some candy corn!

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I wait all year for this! Candy corn is in stock!

It won't last long, so don't wait!

Effects of Food Dye that Surprised Even Me!

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Bulgaria: Artificial Coloring Substances in Food, Soft Drinks Pose Health Threats

I have read many things about the crazy effects of food dye, but today I was surprised!

Did you know that artificial food coloring can change DNA?

According to EU research, conducted by PhD Georgi Miloshev, Director of the Laboratory on Molecular Genetics to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN). Three coloring substances in drinks and foods are posing a health risk for consumers and mostly for children.

The research concerns:

new research conducted by PhD Georgi Miloshev, Director of the Laboratory on Molecular Genetics to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN). - See more at:,+Soft+Drinks+Pose+Health+Threats#sthash.m2biJr65.dpuf
new research conducted by PhD Georgi Miloshev, Director of the Laboratory on Molecular Genetics to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN). - See more at:,+Soft+Drinks+Pose+Health+Threats#sthash.m2biJr65.dpuf
new research conducted by PhD Georgi Miloshev, Director of the Laboratory on Molecular Genetics to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN). - See more at:,+Soft+Drinks+Pose+Health+Threats#sthash.m2biJr65.dpuf

FD&C Green No. 3 – Fast Green FCF, E143 (turquoise shade)

FD&C Blue No. 2 – Indigotine, E132 (indigo shade)

FD&C Red No. 3 – Erythrosine, E127 (pink shade, commonly used in glacé cherries)[20]

According to EU research, when used in negligible amounts, the substances are harmless. However, as per the scientific investigation executed by our scientist, the substances have been proven to change DNA structure and pose a risk for people's health.

Luckily these 3 colors, although allowed in are food, are the least common.

Thank you Tru Color for this update (08-13-2015):

FD&C Red#3 is Pink food color used extensively in the decorating community!  Those beautiful pink roses are Red #3 in addition Red #3 is also in Royal Blue, Violet, and Purple synthetic colors, the ironic thing is red 3 Lake, the insoluble version of the dye was delisted by the FDA under the Delaney Clause, because it was shown to cause cancer, the lake version is only 15-30% dye…where the dye used to make pink soft gel paste is about 98%!!!! OMG!


Happy Egg-perimenting!

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Do you have a few eggs lying around? Most people do this time of year. Of course we love to dye eggs here using natural food dye like the ones from Eco-Kids. But what other fun things can you do with a lot of eggs?

How about sucking a hard boiled egg through a narrow neck bottle? This one can be mesmerizing over and over again! Make a few eggs.

Who could resist the permission to walk on eggs?

I especially like the all natural science behind spider eggs! Have any blueberries on hand? Does it taste like blueberries when you are done? Someone has to tell me! Blueberries are going on my shopping list!

Have you ever cracked an egg under water? Maybe the video on this one is cool enough to suffice. My fish isn't big enough to eat an egg and I don't have the scuba gear. But...

That should keep you busy for a little while. But if your looking for more check out our board on Pinterest!

What do you do with all of those eggs?



Dye Free Candy Necklaces

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We had a great time today making candy necklaces!

We found this very inspiring blog post and had to give it a try, dye free!

We used our dye free gumballs large and small and both turned out equally amazing.


What a fun little treat!

One little tip: The shiny finish of dye free gumballs is very sensitive to warm hands. As we worked with the gumballs we used a washcloth to keep our fingertips from rubbing off the shine.

Did you try to make your own candy necklace? We would love to see it!

Artificial Food Coloring and Headaches

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Could artificial food dye change how you think about headaches?

My DH and I had always disagreed about headaches. He grew up with them. His mother often has headaches. His siblings also often suffered from headaches. For him, coming home 3-4 days a weeks from work with a headache was "normal." To me, a headache is never normal, especially more than one a week.

It was Halloween season and we had been getting much better at living our new lifestyle, without artificial food dye, for only about a month. Things were going amazing.

Halloween came and trick-or-treating went and so far we were still a happy family. We traded the dye filled candy with dye free alternatives. The kids were happy with the trades. Hooray! Triumph! That was until my DH became the grumpy one. It was very uncharacteristic of him. He apologized saying that he had a terrible headache. It turned out that he had snitched some of the dye filled candy


Could it be! It could have been coincidental that DH headaches had disappeared the last month. The whole month we had been off of food dye. Or was it? It had only been 30 minutes since his red sucker that the headache had appeared.

Yes, now it wasn’t just my DD, but also my DH who suffered reactions from eating artificial food dye.


Now, my DH is careful to stay away from artificial food dye, and does not have very many headaches. Usually when there is a headache we can trace it to something he ate that may have had artificial dye.

So many times we refer to this as only a childs problem. But the truth of the matter is that it is an additive problem.

Are you an adult that suffers a reaction from artificial food dye?

How to Decorate with the Natural Food Coloring

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Dying frosting and decorating cakes isn't an everyday event it's a special occasion! And we want to help you. First let's make some frosting. This is the BEST frosting recipe. We recommend making your own frosting if you are going to decorate with natural food coloring. Especially if your are going to use deep colors. This is the best way to control the consistency of the frosting. It takes more liquid than you have used in the past with that "other stuff" and that can change how well it holds shapes and even sticks to the cake or cookie. Let's get some frosting:
Now for the fun stuff. First you will need your decorating set of Natural Food Dye here. Now that we have frosting and our natural food color what color do you want? This decision is a little more complicated with natural dyes. Like we said before, it will take more drops of food dye when your using natural ingredients. This is one of the reason some of the "big guys" don't want to switch to natural food coloring. We wanted to help you out by doing some of the work and experimenting for you. We took the top 3 colors: red, yellow, and blue; and mixed each with 1/4 cup of frosting. 1/4 cup of frosting will only do a few cupcakes so keep that in mind. Which color do you want?
We have one more tip for you: We discovered while doing this experiment that by simply by letting your frosting rest for an one hour or so can let the colors come to life:
I can't wait to see the cupcakes you come up with! Share your image with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Our Dye Free Experiment

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It had been about a month since our last soccer game…

(Start here:

I can't remember much about the day. All I remember was being at my wits end with my sweet daughter, #2. For some reason we could never see eye to eye. But it was more than that. She couldn't even focus on the why. And today had pushed it too far. My husband and I had tried everything, discipline wise and we were at the end of the rope.  And that's when I remembered that last soccer game. That was it. I decided in that moment that we were going to try a little experiment. From that moment on #2 was not going to eat anything containing food dye.

I'm not even sure what I was expecting to achieve by removing food dye from her diet. I may have just been hoping for a miracle.

The next few days I was religious about reading labels and making sure that she ate a perfect dye free diet. And, to tell you the truth, life went on as normal. I didn't notice a major change in our lives. I had heard that it takes three days for artificial food dye to get out of the system, so I decided to be diligent and patient. After all, I had been giving her Nesquik strawberry milk every single night prior to this. It was sort of a before bed tradition. Maybe it would just take a little longer.

Our first week went well. No major improvements to report, but I wasn't going to give up. I had no idea what I was in for as we headed out on our family vacation.

First there was the traditional "special event" breakfast of butterscotch sticky rolls made with Jell-o brand butterscotch pudding. I didn't even look at ingredients. I just assumed that since I had made it, it was OK. 6 hours later we were sitting in a vacation cabin starring at each other wondering what had happened to our sweet little girl. I finally had enough sense to Google the ingredients in the Jell-o butterscotch pudding... sure enough, yellow 5.

We couldn't believe what a dramatic change our daughter had undergone. Things didn't seem to be that different all week long, but now I could see it.

Three days after “The Jell-O Incident” we had our sweet little girl back. That lasted all of 5 hours. Lol, life just goes that way sometimes I guess. We were obviously still getting used to our new life style as our 2 children were offered each a package of Smarties.

#2 had maybe gotten two or three Smarties in before I realized what was happening. I explained the situation to her and she gladly gave the Smarties back to me (AMAZING!). Unfortunately it wasn't soon enough, within 30 minutes she was completely out of control throwing a tantrum, screaming and kicking on the floor over a simple book her brother was holding.

I can't always tell each day the difference it makes to live life free of artificial dye. But I know without a doubt the moments we live life with dye in our systems. And nothing is worth that.

What early mistakes did you make going dye-free?

Becoming aware of Food Dye

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Sometimes it is the thought that counts...

We had been enjoying our weekly fall Saturday soccer game for my oldest child, #1. My husband was the soccer coach and I sat on the sidelines working out the rotations of players and, at the end of the game, handing out the parent provided treats.

I remember this Saturday's treats specifically. Instead of the apple and orange slices with water or juice we had a selection of snack packs and Gatorade. I also remember one of our sweet players coming over for a treat and then walking away with nothing.

After the crazies calmed down I made a point to walk over to her and her parents to offer, once again, the sweet treat. Their daughter once again refused the treats. By this point the parents could see the confusion on my face. They simply responded "she is allergic to artificial food dye, but thank you."

To be honest the idea wasn't completely foreign. As a child I had seen a cousin of mine avoid 'red 40' due to the hyperactivity it created in him. It was also something I hadn't thought about in years. But the idea intrigued me intensely.

And for me that was that. It was a very interesting thought...

When did you first become aware of the dangers of artificial food dye?

How do you avoid food dye?

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This site has been a long time coming...

I don't know how many times someone has said to me: "How in the world do you avoid all artificial food dye? It's in everything!"

Although it does feel at times that artificial food dye is in many foods it is NOT in everything. Just recently when someone asked me "How we did it?" I couldn't think of what we were avoiding. Sometimes I forget what we have had to go through to get to this point.

I hope for many of you this will be a helpful site. Something that will encourage you to push on when the going gets tough. A go-to resource when you feel stuck. And hopefully you don't feel alone as you hear about our experiences and mistakes along the way. But most of all I want you to know that living life free of artificial food dye can be fun and colorful.

We have spent a LOT of time reading ingredient lists. We have occasionally missed some dye where we didn't expect it. We've learned from our mistakes and have found some products we love without dyes.

We opened to help you have a safe haven from synthetic food dye. We've shared some of the products we love. Hopefully, this blog and these products will help you as much as they have helped us.


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