Becoming aware of Food Dye

09 May, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Sometimes it is the thought that counts...

We had been enjoying our weekly fall Saturday soccer game for my oldest child, #1. My husband was the soccer coach and I sat on the sidelines working out the rotations of players and, at the end of the game, handing out the parent provided treats.

I remember this Saturday's treats specifically. Instead of the apple and orange slices with water or juice we had a selection of snack packs and Gatorade. I also remember one of our sweet players coming over for a treat and then walking away with nothing.

After the crazies calmed down I made a point to walk over to her and her parents to offer, once again, the sweet treat. Their daughter once again refused the treats. By this point the parents could see the confusion on my face. They simply responded "she is allergic to artificial food dye, but thank you."

To be honest the idea wasn't completely foreign. As a child I had seen a cousin of mine avoid 'red 40' due to the hyperactivity it created in him. It was also something I hadn't thought about in years. But the idea intrigued me intensely.

And for me that was that. It was a very interesting thought...

When did you first become aware of the dangers of artificial food dye?

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