How to Decorate with the Natural Food Coloring

28 May, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Dying frosting and decorating cakes isn't an everyday event it's a special occasion! And we want to help you. First let's make some frosting. This is the BEST frosting recipe. We recommend making your own frosting if you are going to decorate with natural food coloring. Especially if your are going to use deep colors. This is the best way to control the consistency of the frosting. It takes more liquid than you have used in the past with that "other stuff" and that can change how well it holds shapes and even sticks to the cake or cookie. Let's get some frosting:
Now for the fun stuff. First you will need your decorating set of Natural Food Dye here. Now that we have frosting and our natural food color what color do you want? This decision is a little more complicated with natural dyes. Like we said before, it will take more drops of food dye when your using natural ingredients. This is one of the reason some of the "big guys" don't want to switch to natural food coloring. We wanted to help you out by doing some of the work and experimenting for you. We took the top 3 colors: red, yellow, and blue; and mixed each with 1/4 cup of frosting. 1/4 cup of frosting will only do a few cupcakes so keep that in mind. Which color do you want?
We have one more tip for you: We discovered while doing this experiment that by simply by letting your frosting rest for an one hour or so can let the colors come to life:
I can't wait to see the cupcakes you come up with! Share your image with us on Facebook or Instagram.
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