Artificial Food Coloring and Headaches

13 June, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Could artificial food dye change how you think about headaches?

My DH and I had always disagreed about headaches. He grew up with them. His mother often has headaches. His siblings also often suffered from headaches. For him, coming home 3-4 days a weeks from work with a headache was "normal." To me, a headache is never normal, especially more than one a week.

It was Halloween season and we had been getting much better at living our new lifestyle, without artificial food dye, for only about a month. Things were going amazing.

Halloween came and trick-or-treating went and so far we were still a happy family. We traded the dye filled candy with dye free alternatives. The kids were happy with the trades. Hooray! Triumph! That was until my DH became the grumpy one. It was very uncharacteristic of him. He apologized saying that he had a terrible headache. It turned out that he had snitched some of the dye filled candy


Could it be! It could have been coincidental that DH headaches had disappeared the last month. The whole month we had been off of food dye. Or was it? It had only been 30 minutes since his red sucker that the headache had appeared.

Yes, now it wasn’t just my DD, but also my DH who suffered reactions from eating artificial food dye.


Now, my DH is careful to stay away from artificial food dye, and does not have very many headaches. Usually when there is a headache we can trace it to something he ate that may have had artificial dye.

So many times we refer to this as only a childs problem. But the truth of the matter is that it is an additive problem.

Are you an adult that suffers a reaction from artificial food dye?
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