Happy Egg-perimenting!

26 March, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Do you have a few eggs lying around? Most people do this time of year. Of course we love to dye eggs here using natural food dye like the ones from Eco-Kids. But what other fun things can you do with a lot of eggs?

How about sucking a hard boiled egg through a narrow neck bottle? This one can be mesmerizing over and over again! Make a few eggs.

Who could resist the permission to walk on eggs?

I especially like the all natural science behind spider eggs! Have any blueberries on hand? Does it taste like blueberries when you are done? Someone has to tell me! Blueberries are going on my shopping list!

Have you ever cracked an egg under water? Maybe the video on this one is cool enough to suffice. My fish isn't big enough to eat an egg and I don't have the scuba gear. But...

That should keep you busy for a little while. But if your looking for more check out our board on Pinterest!

What do you do with all of those eggs?



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